The Rotary Scout Reservation typically has a number of maintenance and improvement projects underway and volunteer support is always appreciated.  Individuals, groups or organizations can choose a level of involvement from casual participation with work in progress up to taking "ownership" of all aspects of a project from start to completion.  

If you, your group or organization is interested in volunteering for a listed project or to suggest a new one, send an email to:


List of current projects
StartDate ClosedDate Area Project Description StatusNotes ProjectLeader VolunteerAssigned infolink
Speaking RingRefurbish benchesThe wooden portion of most benches is completely rotted away. Replace wood and hardware on benches.Project unassigned and available.infolink
2016-07-302016-08-31DamClearingBrushClear saplings, weeds and brush left by goats.Clearing underway. Will need to follow up with herbicide treatment. Brush cleared and treated with herbicide.Scout CampScout Campinfolink
Shower HouseReplace 3 sink counterParticle board was used to construct the counter. Exposure to water has caused swelling and decay to form. Replace counter and waterproof as needed.Project unassigned and available.infolink
2016-08-202016-09-23Lower CabinClear weeds and brushClear the area immediately around the cabin and restore a path to the latrine.Rotary Scout Reservation has ordered a walk behind brush cutter which will be used to maintain the lower cabin area.-Update-The road to the lower cabin is extremely washed out. There is a high chance that the walk behind would not be able to make it back up the hill. Alternate clearing method needed or road condition needs to be improved. Troop 605 cleared area around cabin with chainsaws and weedeaters. Thanks 605!Jeff WellsPack 605infolink
2016-10-212016-10-21Lower CabinClear weeds and brushExpand area cleared of weeds around the lower cabin area.Pack 605 in conjunction with trustee crew donated time and supplies to significantly expand the cleared area down to creek side and down the trail fronting the creek. Downed wood was cut and stacked, trash and debris cleared. A full sized matress left behind was removed to the upper cabin area for eventual discard. Trimmed along the trail to upper cabin and along sides.Jeff WellsPack 605 / Barren County trustee work crew.infolink
2016-10-212016-10-21LakeClear weeds and brushExpand cleared area on south side bank to improve access.Pack 605 in conjunction with trustee crew donated time and supplies to clear away brush and weeds from the lake shelter down to dam.Jeff WellsPack 605 / Barren County trustee work crew.infolink